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  • Annual Certification & Inspection must be preformed by a licensed technician on an annual basis to ensure that your extinguisher will function properly if needed.
  • Six year internal inspection & Recharge must be preformed every 6 years from date of manufacture. This test consists of completely disassembling the extinguisher and checking the internal parts. Replacing parts if necessary.
  • Hydrostatic Testing is preformed every 5 or 12 years depending on the type of extinguisher. This test is involves filling the extinguisher with water and pressurizing the cylinder to ensure the cylinders integrity.
  • Installation should be preformed by a licensed technician. Extinguishers must be installed in accordance with title 19. Proper distance between extinguishers and ease of access must be a priority during installation.
  • Repairs can be made to many parts of the extinguisher. For example; gauges, handles, and hoses. Damage to the cylinder can not be repaired and must be replaced.


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